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New Audi owner 05 B7.Need advice from ppl who have modded :-)

I,want,an,A6 Dec 10, 2011

  1. I,want,an,A6

    I,want,an,A6 New Member

    I have a red 05 A4 Avant 2.0TDI BLB engine.
    Got it sunday and cheap and now i know why.
    Few things to do --- Need a new clutch and fly wheel and front right CV joint - i found out durign the week :-( and rear wiper motor. few clips here and there and a bit of body work/refurb alloys !! actually alot to do !!

    Im planning in the future to get a remap and maybe a bigger injectors/turbo in the future or something, i just dont know to be honest need help on that too !

    I was told with mapping i dont need an upgraded clutch fly wheel, but dont wanna replace them again in 12 months after a few mods.

    Any advice what Clutch or fly wheel to get considering the potential mods in the future ?

    Money is tight within reason, got quoted €250 labour and about €800 for new german clutch and fly wheel if my local mechanic gets it (trusted).

    Ill spend an extra 250/300€ for somethign that'l take a bit of abuse.

    If there's anythign else - cheap upgrades- i could get that might help let me know.

    Thanks in Advance :)


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