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New Audi MMI

tarnus Nov 23, 2012

  1. tarnus

    tarnus New Member

    Hi guys, newbie here with a new A3!

    I've just given up my last company car and had a new model A3 delivered last week and still getting to grips with it, especially the MMI (seeing as the change is fairly big from my last car!). I've got my old iPod nano hooked up via the adapter which works fine although doesn't pull through album art but my question is whether or not it can handle video?

    I know that the technology pack adds a dvd player but I don't have that as it wasn't an option :( but is it still possible via the SD card slot, or the cd-player (with an mp4 file burned to cd)? The plan is obviously to test this out myself but if someone knows whether it's possible already it makes testing even easier!

    For anyone interested, it's an S Line 2.0TDI in daytona grey (loving the colour!) and I managed to get the following options thrown in too:

    Leather Interior
    Heated Seats
    Sat Nav
    B&O sound system
    Cruise Control
    Rear Parking Sensors

    Cheers guys!
  2. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    You can play video files from the SD cards, I've tried it and it works fine, although I do have the Tech Pack and I'm not sure whether that makes any difference. There's a page in the manual which lists what video file formats are supported and I don't recall it saying this was only if you had the Tech Pack. Then again, this was in the little supplementary manual for the MMI/media systems so perhaps they supply a different one depending on whether you have the Tech Pack or not?

    As for iPods generally I don't know whether you can play video from them but I doubt it.

    Nice spec btw - the B&O sound is immense :)
  3. daveb99

    daveb99 Member

    Pics! We want pics!

    I'm especially keen to see photos of the full leather interior, as I haven't seen one with that yet. I'll be ordering mine next week so I'm just finalising my spec. Are they all leather, the brochure mentions some velvet sections or something?

    How does the phrase go.......I think it is "pics or it ain't real" ;-)
  4. Spurrellian

    Spurrellian Member Team Cosmic Blue TFSI Owners Group Audi A3

    Does anyone know if they do a lightning cable for an iphone 5 yet?
  5. tarnus

    tarnus New Member

    I'm just having my parking sensors fitted at the moment as for some reason it was delivered without them! I'll get some pics when I go back down to the car park, although the light isn't exactly great!

    I went for the Napa leather option and if I remember correctly the seats are 100% leather - don't know about that Alcantara leather option though, sure someone who has that could tell you!

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