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New Audi and advice to best practice but with certain factors to consider

mjh56 Sep 9, 2010

  1. mjh56

    mjh56 Member

    The Audi in my Footer is arriving 22/10/10 and I want to know what is the best way I can go about keeping it in a decent condition for an extended period.

    My previous (Total Loss) Audi was Phantom Black and though I liked it, I am one of the few it seems who was always a little disappointed in way it could look dull and greyish in certain light and that was from new and nothing to do with my polishing skills :laugh: so I have gone this time for Brilliant Black.

    I can however see the issues with this, and hence my request.

    There are some conditions though that will separate me from the professionals here, so this is where advice might differ for me than what I have read, which was a bemusing amounts of products for one!

    1. I am no detailer, a strict amateur
    2. The car will be very much in use and on dirty winter roads regularly
    3. The Clean will be once a month only, and maybe a mornings attention.
    4. Cost of products to be reasonable and easily accessible and hopefully small in terms of how many use.
    5. Its a company lease so I am not going to be to obsessive in its resale, though having said that there is an option to buy (was considering that for my last one, as I LOVED that car, but a boy racer idiot ended that idea)

    The only products I have ever used are Autoglym, which I must say did an amazing job on our now recently sold 13 year old MGF.

    The Audi below is arriving as is, no products on it at all as extra, so what preparation does it arrive in with regards paintwork?

    From there, what is the initial best practice? Do you drive it as existing and do the clean/wax at next opportunity? Or do you on first day protect it somehow?

    What I am after is starting out in the best way, so that I can monthly wash with good protection inbetween, and then understand what protection I should use at these monthly washes.

    Apologies if this is away from true detailers who I admire lots, some of the cars I have seen are amazing, but mine will never remain that way for long and I am looking for the best balance to keep the balance between the 'in use' look and the 'it looks great' for its first few days from a good clean...
  2. Rikster23

    Rikster23 On the facelift path...

    citrus degrease the whole car and then rinse off. Give it a wash.
    I guess what you need is to clay the whole car to rid of any contaminants to get a good clean base.
    Then from there give it another nice wash and pat down with drying towel.
    I would say because you dont know much about detailing the best thing to use is to apply something like collinite for the winter months.

    You can invest in a few things like a power washer with snow foam attachment. This will loosen any dirt on the cars paintwork making it easier to wash.

    There are some guides in the detailing section to read. I learnt alot when I first joined the forum and now detail cars as a side hobby and ever learning.
  3. mjh56

    mjh56 Member

    Thanks for this...

    Can I have the products you recommend for this please

    1. Citrus Degrease
    2. Wash
    3. I was hoping not to clay being new as want to avoid a rookie scratch!
    4. I have located the Collinite Website and it looks like that if I do this from outset I will be doing what I was hoping to do and protect her from day 1, which is alot better than if I was not to. Do you then apply the collinite at each month wash, or 2 month etc

    I intend to have all the products ready and within first few hours of receiving the car complete...
  4. Rikster23

    Rikster23 On the facelift path...

  5. mjh56

    mjh56 Member

    Sorry not been on for a bit, busyness!!

    Thanks for advice and I have had a look and likely will be ordering a small kit (Collinite included) after pay day.....

    As explained in likely over detail above, my needs are simple so I just want to give it a good protection out of the box and then give it a once a month thorough clean thereafter...I have all the usuals of soft clothes, Mitts etc...I used Autoglym on our recently sold 13 yr old MGF and to be fair she always looked sparkling....But for the new Audi I wanted to just see what is considered the best to look after it properly from day 1

    Thanks Again...
  6. John @ PB

    John @ PB Member

    Hi there,

    Best idea initially would be to have a read of our guides at Car Care Advice | Detailing Advice | How To Detail Your Car and use this as the basis for your decision making.

    Essentially, you will need a safe wash kit (our basic wash kit is an excellent starting point: PB Basic Wash Kit | PB Car Care & Detailing Products) and I think you will be looking to maximise protection but also keep a sharp finish (if I understand correctly this is why you selected Brilliant Black over Phantom Black this time round).

    Whilst Collinite is extremely durable, its finish is not exactly at the pinnacle so depends what your major consideration is.

    Personally, I would go with the Blackfire range: ideally, the Wet Ice over Fire Kit Blackfire Wet Ice Over Fire Kit | Blackfire Car Care & Detailing Products but you can get away with just All Finish Paint Protection: Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection | Blackfire Car Care & Detailing Products which is an extremely durable sythetic sealant: it will give a sharp, reflective finish with good beading and good durability - it can be layered to good effect also. It's extremely easy to use and will mask very minor swirl marks.

    One coat of Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection, on its own and onto a properly prepared surface should give 3 to 4 months of durability.

    If you need any further advice, I'll be checking on here reasonably regularly (though not until Monday now) or feel free to email me at enquiries@polishedbliss.co.uk or call us on 0845 4540017

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