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New and looking to buy a..........

Paulgs Nov 10, 2003

  1. Paulgs

    Paulgs New Member

    Hello everyone, my name is Paul and iam looking to buy a coupe some time shortly for around £4000. i would really like a it to be under 100k on the clock and a 2.0 + if posiable

    Is this a relistic target, please give me some advice!

  2. J6ORDS

    J6ORDS New Member

    Welcome aboard,
    Get a Corrado G60 with fsh or if you can stretch to it then a VR6. This car is a timeless classic, so good that VW never found anything to follow it up with. Keep it original though, NO BODYKITS, BIG EXHAUST PIPES, GENERAL ADD-ONS please. It should have an active spoiler like on the Porche 911 which rises at 45mph and is generally a thinking man's Mk2/3 Golf a VERY fast coupe. You could buy a washing machine (sorry, I meant Fiat) but if you're after quality, keep it German.

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