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New alloys

ex-vag Jun 27, 2011

  1. ex-vag

    ex-vag New Member

    I'm sure a few of you have done this so hoping to draw on some experience.

    Currently I've got 17"s on the car with 225/50 tyres. If I were to go up to 18"s does this mean that I'd just need to drop down to 225/45's to keep the same ratio?

    And to those who are wearing 45's, how's the ride in comparison, probably a bit harder/bumpier at a guess but is it a lot? Is it bearable?
    Do they make the car noisier on the motorway?

    Last one, is it worth it?

  2. griswold

    griswold Member

    Yes you will have to go down on the profile
    I got 16s on my A6 and is very comfy on the motorway but I got 18s on my A4 and it is a lot harder and louder on the motorway.
    For long trips i take the A6.
    I had 17s as standard on the A4 and went to 18s and did notice a little difference.

    Is it worth it? too me Yes
  3. a6george

    a6george Member

  4. ex-vag

    ex-vag New Member

    That's the thing, I love driving on the motorway after previously using a Saab 93 for motorway journeys, it's such a breeze and effortless in the A6, I don't want anything to affect the ride.

    Thought you'd say that, does finish the car off a bit better with bigger nicer alloys doesn't it? I've got my eye on some A5 Y spoke alloys on eBay, might have to take the plunge.....


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