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New Alloys & Tyres...Planning A6 Competition Alloys

Fast3000 Aug 16, 2012

  1. Fast3000

    Fast3000 Member


    hope this post find you all well.

    Basically looking to get some A6 17 inch Competition alloys (Same as TT Competition Alloys) But I am pretty sure there were a handful made for the A6 that were PCD 112....for the 4.2 version not S6.

    The standard 17 tyre size i have seen on a A4 B7 is 235 45 17.....but the A6 comes with 255 40 17. Would this tyre size be ok for the audi B7?

    Much appreciated?
  2. Stepho

    Stepho Member

    I had 245 tyres fitted to my 19's (8.5JxET45) for a while but they did catch on the back when loaded up.

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