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new alloy help please

richard_tricky Nov 27, 2004

  1. richard_tricky

    richard_tricky New Member

    hiya all first post!!! i just bought an audi S3

    im thinking of ordering some audi "nuvolari" (reps obviously) alloys from germany the size is

    8 x 18 with an offset of (ET) 40

    could sombody tell me :-

    1. will these fit on ok with the diffrent offset

    2. i want for a set of forge spacers as well would 10mm or 16 mm be ok with the new alloys

    3. what are the offset for the standard S3 alloys
  2. ImS3ola

    ImS3ola Member

    Welcome to the forum rich.

    Those wheels should fit but they may not fill the flared S3 arches as much as you'd like. I believe the offset of the standard alloys (7.5 x 17 Avus) is et32. I'm running 18" RSTT alloys (8 x 18) which have an offset of et33 and i dont think they stick out enough.

    Regarding the spacers, have a look at THIS thread.

    Out of interest, where are you getting the forge spacers from as i'm looking to get some as well.


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