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New A6 Owner Advice Needed

A6Newbie Sep 24, 2013

  1. A6Newbie

    A6Newbie New Member

    Sorry to ask some questions which maybe obvious but I have a couple which I am sure will be answered.

    i have just bought an A6 1.9 TDI Avant SE spec in black, low mileage with 64k on clock full Audi dealer history. So I want to keep it in good order but also make some subtle tweaks.

    I need help with the following:

    1 - I need to replace the N/S lower exterior door trim, because of a nice curb scuff thanks to my daughter. I am thinking of replacing all four can these be changed to a better spec look, like an sline? I have seen some which almost look like a blade? Or can you get chrome?

    2 - I have 2 bumper scuffs - I have local Chips Away dealer which has been recommended, he has own workshop as doing well. Should I use him or Vag approved body shop? Also what cost should I be budgeting?

    3 - what other basic mods can I do to give a subtle improvement? Mainly exterior styling, I'm thinking, wheels, number plate, de-badge, maybe tint? Any ideas? Got to be subtle and sleek


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