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New A6 - a bit of buyers advice kindly requested

howdy_audi Sep 26, 2011

  1. howdy_audi

    howdy_audi New Member

    Hello all,

    Newbie to the forum here, but looks like a great resource and I hope to be able to contribute in good time !

    The time has come to bade farewell to my 2006 A6 S-Line.

    The car itself is great, however I'm starting to feel the genuine, justifiable need for some of the mod-cons of the newer models (e.g. full postcode navigation, DAB radio, better phone support etc.).

    But I digress. So, ahead of me inevitably lies a trip to the "stealers". Unfortunatley, I'm not a "car nut" and so I come to bow before the many experts here, in hope that they will arm me with some muchneeded ammunition against the greasy salesreps to be found beyond the sliding glass doors of the showroom.

    So, hopefully I'm not asking too much of the gurus on the forum with the following three questions....

    The first thing I need to check is my decision on A6 instead of A7. My understanding is that the models are, for all intensive purposes, identical, except the A7 has larger body and longer wheelbase. This
    would make the A6 a more attractive car from a driver's point of view ? (Well, as much of a "drivers car" that an A6/A7 could be that is !). I'm looking at the 3 litre petrol.

    The second thing is that I'm correct in thinking the "sportier" suspension is only available on the S-Line ? And not as, say an option on the SE ?

    Finally, I'm not a gadget-freak. So in terms of options, what would you say are the "must-have" options (especially interested in feedback on chassis/handling related ones such as "air suspension", is it a gimmick or worth considering ?).

    Thanking you all profusely in advance !

    P.S. If there are any tips out there for dealer sales negotiation tactics, feel free to pm me ;-)
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2011
  2. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    Firstly the A6 and A7 share a common platform and as such their wheelbases are very nearly the same (2914mm A7 vs 2912mm on A6) As to overall length again they are close although the A7 is slightly longer (4969mm A7 vs 4915mm A6 Saloon and 4926mm A6 Avant) so at best the A7 is 54mm or 2 inches longer overall.

    You can get the Sports suspension on the SE (Option 1BE Page 39 A6 brochure), not quite as firm as the S-Line suspension and probably no bad thing given many peoples' views on the S-Line ride on UK roads.

    Can't really advise you on the options to go for as it is after all personal choice, but think about the resale value. Some options however expensive are almost worthless come trade in time. It is likely that in a few years time someone looking to buy an A6 or A7 will expect the higher spec sat nav. The technology pack looks good value as it also gives you AMI and upgraded phone integration. If the plan to drop FM radio in the UK in the next few years goes ahead then built in DAB will be desirable
  3. howdy_audi

    howdy_audi New Member

    Hi elan2s,

    Thanks for your reply.

    So does the A7 serve any real purpose ? There seems to be so little difference between the two that the mind boggles as to why Audi bother with it ?

    Thanks for pointing out the right page in the brochure, that had slipped me by.... those tables of options start to look the same after a while !

    I don't mind the S-Line ride on UK roads. Having had the opportunity to do some vehicle dynamics and limit training on an S-Line, I suspect the firmer configuration has its benefits (especially on twisty roads where a safe, legal yet enjoyable and progressive drive can be had.... unfortunately training was back-to-back swapping at intervals throughout the day against a BMW M3, so I don't have a strict comparison against a non S-Line A6).

    I agree with you on the options, a bit of a mug's game largely for the dealer's benefit. Hence the question as to whether any stand out as worthwile (things like satnav are already on my list anyway).
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2011
  4. Gavin0478

    Gavin0478 Active Member Team Daytona Team V8 VCDS Map User quattro Audi Q7 S-line owners group TDi

    id go for the new a6 but spec the led headlights as they are gorgeous....

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