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New A4 owner

Barry#1 Apr 9, 2009

  1. Barry#1

    Barry#1 In The Pit Lane

    Hi guys, i've had my black A4 B6 130 TDi Sport now for 2 months and i love it to bits.
    A well looked after car and a decent spec, GMBH/S-line kit, cruise control, auto dimming mirror, auto/coming home lights & 6 disc symphony in dash cd player.
    New n/s headlight is getting fitted tomorrow as the one on it has knackered lens, adding new xenon bulbs and have added wind deflectors to the windows as well (must be coming from the jap influence) but will add more subtle mods later as listed below.

    Came from Honda's, Integra then an Accord then onto the Audi.
    I live & work in Hamilton but originally from Glasgow.

    Getting married soon but once that minor altercation's out the way i can start getting the Sport sorted, 19's, re-map,chrome mirrors, tints, exhaust etc etc.

    Hope to catch up at a meet sometime.
    Here's a quick pic of it just now, i wash it every day & polish it every wk end (weather permitting)
    Barry :thumbsup:


  2. Cam1177

    Cam1177 New Member

    Hi Barry,

    Love the look of your car :cool:.

    I'm also a A4 B6 virgin having also come from Honda (type r) and a toyota levin amongst others and loving the experience so far. Get the RS4 RARB bar done (search forum, plenty of great reviews), i cannot reccommend this high enough! Had it out on Friday for my first proper country road blast around stirlingshire and was very impressed.

    Look forward to meeting up with you soon.


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