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New A4 2.0TDi ... BUT

A4NA18 Mar 17, 2009

  1. A4NA18

    A4NA18 Member

    Dear Audi Fanatics,

    I just got myself an A4 B7 2.0 TDi.

    However the interior light doesn't switch on and I suspect a fault fuse... But where is the fuse box? Can also someone provide me with a fuse layout for this model?

    Also one of the windscreen washer shoots straight out... so it just doesn't touch the screen but right above it... any fix for that?

    Thank you for your kind help!
  2. gjwell

    gjwell Member

    Hi the fuse box is located on the diver’s side end of the dash, open the driver’s door and prise the panel off. The fuse layout is printed on the back of the cover.

    You can adjust the washer jets by carefully inserting a pin and moving it.

    I hope this helps.
  3. A4NA18

    A4NA18 Member

    Thanks gjwell!

    Ok now today out of nowhere, the reverse light fuse blown up. It seems that I have a series of fuses blowing up and I only had it for two days...

    Today the Emission Control System light came up just after filling up the tank with some Total Excellium Diesel.

    Is my car getting crazy?!

    I am not very comfortable because I just got it yesterday and already have all kind of stuff.
  4. amanA4MOD

    amanA4MOD New Member

    I just bought the same model audi a4 b7 2.0tdi just yesterday and the funny thing is the first problem i have is with the washer jets UNDER shooting thanks to this thread I now know how to fix it BUT now iam worried its just the start!! fingers crossed hey!
  5. Have you seen the Oil Pump/ Balance Shaft thread - regarding 2005 TDI's...?!

    If you bought your car from a dealer, then there are criteria they have to stick to when selling you the car - See trades description act for more info.

    As for the fuses - I'm not aware of any problems with this, though as an Engineer who works on Traffic Lights for a living, if a bulb blows it can blow the fuse on from the neutral. My old Golf used to munch rear bulbs, as did my Mum's old Golf Cabriolet!

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