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  1. TMuk

    TMuk New Member

    My first Audi ..my first post here (having frequented SeatCupra.net for the past 2 years)

    Currently have a SEAT Leon, decided it was time to own a 'real' A3!

    Nothing flash ... have ordered a 1.9TDI... but already I am really looking forward to it.

    I have opted for the single CD upgrade ... can anyone tell me what the bog standard speaker set-up is like in this car. The Leon has quite a decent 6 speaker set-up, which produces quite a good beefy sound. Is the A3 the same?

    I am being told the lead time is currently 8 to 10 weeks ... does anyone have experience of recent delivery times?

    Thanks in advance for any info / help

  2. neilsafc

    neilsafc New Member

    Hi good choice with the car. still waiting for mine i pick it up march 1st, i have paid for the Bose sound system to be added, reccomended if you have time to speak to the dealer. The A3 has a 6 speaker set up which will be very similar to you Seat.

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