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New A3 Wiper Motor Replaced, Is the wiper too high

Rolex1 Feb 24, 2004

  1. Rolex1

    Rolex1 New Member

    Hi Folks,
    I got my wiper motor replace after 4500 miles, it stopped twice and thought shag this need a new one. I got it installed and in operation I think that the left wiper blade sits too high.It now is clearly visible when on interment setting. It reverts as normal below the line of vision when not in use. Can the arm be dropped about 2 inches to remove it from view?
    Also why does the hazard symbol stay on for a period after locking the car?

  2. audiA3V6

    audiA3V6 New Member

    had mine done too, it also appears to sit high all the time. i thought it had been put back on the spine out of possition but it could just be this new motor.
  3. MKD

    MKD New Member

    Also had mine replaced and noticed the same.

    Dealer repositioned the wiper - saying that it would be OK afterwards - but it wasn't.

    Apparently, the wipers rotate their 'rest angle' to increase their longevity and I have been told that I just may not have noticed it before.
  4. garethj

    garethj Member

    The motor does sit at different levels to stop the wiper sitting in the same dirt all the time, but they are now higher. Mine are always visible above the bonnet and at speed now whistle quite loudly (but at least they work eh!!). Might be worth talking to dealer about but don't hold your breath for a quick answer, I think they still have a backlog of wiper motors to replace.

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