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New A3 Wheels and Tyres

TFSI Jan 15, 2008

  1. TFSI

    TFSI Born to Fish

    Browsing on the audi web page it came to my attention the standard wheels on the A3 SE 1.4TFSI are 7.5J - 17inch (225/45/r17y) 17 spoke.

    The wheels i have opted for on my March delivery are the old SE spec which i can only find in 6.5J -16inch (205/55/R16) 7 spoke.

    I only did this for ease of cleaning i.e. 7 spoke instead of 17 spoke.

    The dealer allowed me to do this which i thought would have been size for size swap but do you think he did this to make a few quid on the wheels that i specified ? :aggressive: :aggressive: :aggressive:

    I can feel a phone call coming on :ohmy:

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