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NEW A3 owner

ezi3kel May 4, 2009

  1. ezi3kel

    ezi3kel New Member

    Heya all,

    Just bought myself a little Audi A3 8p 2.0L FSI, Black, yeah non turbo, non quattro, non manual (fail 3 points right there i know) S3 is the next car upgrade so i just wanted a run around till then...

    Im planning on a few little cosmetic mods but pretty much going to pay it off and save up for an upgrade to S3 :D

    PS If you guys have any ideas i'm keen to hear them :)

    Current planned mods / mod wishlist
    2009 retrofit head and tail lights (custom
    Remus exhaust
    RS8 replica rims 5 spoke
    and maybe some bilstein suspension and brembos (although might save that for any eventual S3)

    well thats about it

    Have a good one

  2. MikeSel^

    MikeSel^ Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Navarra TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 quattro Manual

    Hello and welcome to the site..

    There's a few nice cheap mods you can do :)

    Debadge first off all.. IMHO I think the back end looks much better for it...

    Fit a Cupra aplitter.. Many people have done it on the forum, it's about £25 from your local dealer


    Apart from that, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...

    Ohh yeah, and keep it well waxed and clayed, will help resale value if paint work is in good condition.
  3. billybravo

    billybravo Active Member

    Welcome to Audi-Sport you will have fun hear trust me and its not all about quattro race-logic is for winners :)

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