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New a3 owner! some questions....

steve bain Aug 16, 2010

  1. steve bain

    steve bain Member

    hi everyone.

    I have just bought a 1997 a3. It is an SE with 138,000 on the clock. It is a bit tired and needs a bit of tlc, but nothing too major.




    Before i get started there was a few bits i noticed on the way home that a pointer may help with as i have never had an audi before! just VW.

    1. The interior is like suede type material, but softer. any idea what it is? it has 'bobbled' slighty, any ideas how to sort this? and what do i use to clean it?

    2. The pass side sun visor light won't turn off. if you wiggle the mirror cover you can get it turn off,but not that reliable! any ideas? (only when headlights on)

    3. there is a definate steering wheel judder over 60mph and the steering feels lose. any ideas before i get in there? i was thinking tie rod ends and wishbone bushes.

    4. the fuel cap is missing. i guess i can just get one off ebay? are there any variations?

    5. i need a new headlight and see it as a chance to upgrade. are those angel eyes off ebay any good? or will i kick myself for being cheap!

    6. what are the wheels from?, other than an audi!

    7. i think that is actually it, not bad for a £1400 car.


  2. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    Hi steve, welcome....
    1. alacantra?
    2.they work on a switch so may need replacing
    3.balancing/ worn rack?
    4.should all be the same
    5.personal choice
    6.? audi wheels
    7...looks fine
  3. lepablo

    lepablo New Member

  4. steve bain

    steve bain Member

    cool! cheers. i thought the early a3's had 5x100 pcd. ho hum! each time i look at the car i realise another thing has been changed! i think i have an s3 bumper on the front. it bugs me because the bmper seems to wide at the arch, it has the fogs down low also. i need to do more research! i found a sony cd changer in a cubby hole too!

    there is no cut out for the exhaust either. is that normal?

    the gear stick seems a bit wiggly. can this be easily fixed with a bush kit? cheers

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