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New A3 owner from Bristol

Hurstie Aug 12, 2013

  1. Hurstie

    Hurstie Member

    Hi everyone,
    After 3 years of a sluggish, water leaking, uncomfortable, bottom of the range, 1 litre corsa c, I have moved on to a 2005 Audi A3 1.9TDi Sport.

    My Audi knowledge is pretty limited at the moment, hoping to pick things up as I go along. One thing I would quite like to do is retrofit cruise and possibly a MFSW.

    At the moment I'm just basking in the comfortable-ness and the luxuries such as electric windows and climate control that I've never had before!

    How active is this section with meets etc?
  2. ricostuart

    ricostuart Active Member

    Welcome mate! This part aint massivly active imo. But then I'm not heavy on the meet scene! :D
  3. Hurstie

    Hurstie Member

    Every car form I go on the South West is always the least active!
    Must be to do with it being the biggest region or something.
  4. Tolak

    Tolak Member

    Biggest region, or we don't need to go very far to get to wonderful roads.
    Just have pity on the Londoners who have to travel for miles (at a snail's pace) to get to any road worth driving on, and then find half the world is there already! It's easy (and essential) to get in convoy to enjoy that pre-fun journey. And, with the higher density of people, more chance of a member in the adjacent suburb.

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