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New A3 Owner! Few queries...

Robbied Jul 3, 2010

  1. Robbied

    Robbied New Member


    Just picked up my new A3. Was looking for a diesel but this 1.8T came up at the right money and here we are...! Its an early '98 model and high motorway miles but very well cared for, all serviced on time and i have every MOT as well as the original PDI from Audi!! Black leather and kingfisher blue....

    Anyway, couple of niggles,

    Coolant temp gauge not working at all. Cold start and running seems fine however. Im assuming theres 2 water temp sensors, one for ECU and one for the dash? If so, which is which?!!!

    Been reading the forum and found the Bose volume control issues. Mine is ok but I can tell its starting to fail. Maybe time for a headunit, wheres the best source for facia plates?

    I get a low oil warning every now and then, checked oil level and it seems fine. Any ideas?

    Other than that, oh and an ash tray that wont retract, all seems ok!


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