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New A3 owner 8p looking for advice on Mods :)

ziggyx1 Apr 6, 2013

  1. ziggyx1

    ziggyx1 New Member

    Hello all.
    Just bought myself an Audi A3 3 door 55 plate 2.0 tdi. Loving It. I have been reading up on posts on the site for the past couple of days just trying to check how to prevent common faults !!

    I have the Sline model and I am looking to do some subtle mods.

    The first one i want to do is changing the grill - I dont know if I should go for mesh or grill ( I want it all black). Their are some websites that offer to put DRLs on the grill as well which sounds quite smart but i havent seen any pictures of this.

    I was also thinking about installing DRL on beside the fog lights (if i dont get them on the grill) but dont know how to go about doing this.

    And I was looking into putting on an Anti Roll Bar just to get that extra grip feeling (loved it on my civic) but not too sure about what to do here either !!

    I cant live with the normal yellow lights but HID,s are illegal !! WTF lol

    Any comments or tips will be appreciated.

    Thanks fellow Audiers ;)
  2. TDI140

    TDI140 Well-Known Member

    HID's will blow ur wiper motor up so dont bother fitting them unless u have £330 to waste on a wiper motor, also my mods are listed in my sig below theres alot that can be done my friend its a never ending list
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  3. ziggyx1

    ziggyx1 New Member

    Thanks man that rules the HIDs out. Probably just stick in LED bulbs then. You car looks amazing mate. Thanks !
  4. blazedani

    blazedani Guest

    standar aftermarket HID will blow your wiper motor.

    if your wiper motor fails it cost £300 for a new one or £45 to repair the broken one.

    There are special HID for Audi A3 safe for the wiper motor, if you search the forums you will see that some users tried & confirm that is safe.
  5. southylad

    southylad Active Member

    fk automative grill's are good for the money mate i paid £30 delivered from germany

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