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New A3 - Alpine Headunit install with ipod - Help needed!!

imported_SimonBell Mar 12, 2005

  1. Hi

    First post here! Just got myself a new shape A3.

    Bought one of the new Alpine headunits so can use the ipod with it. My car has the Audi phone kit in so does anyone know will this still work once I fit the Alpine using the Autoleads wiring loom?

    Would try it out, but still waiting for the cradle to arrive at Audi and its not due til May!

    The Autoleads adapter has three plugs on it which connect the two iso's and the black plug above them on my Concert Headunit, which leaves me with a red plug containing two wires . . anyone know what the red plug is for? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

    Cheers for any help or suggestions!!
  2. Guest

    Hi - my first post here too...

    I would think the unit should work - I have been looking at replacing the Concert with an Alpine Sat Nav 1Din unit. All that I can find so far is that when the Alpine is fitted the DIS will not display the radio stations, etc as there is currently no adapter for it. I believe the phone will be OK too, as long as the unit you fit has a tele-mute connection.

    Regarding the iPod - I currently use a Dension Ice>LINK which has been brilliant, but the Alpine system is so much more refined...

    I did have a wiring diagram for the back of the concert which I got from an Audi technician when looking at installing the Dension adapter - you could ask in your local dealer if they will provide you with the same, depending on how well you know them! Sorry - I can't recall what the red plug is for now.
  3. medicineman

    medicineman Member


    I went down the same route, but I don't have an Audi phone. I got Technicar in Sheffield to fit the whole lot in including SE bluetooth hands free, Alpine unit and ipod ataptor and smartnav . Not sure of the cost cos I got Auid to pay for it as part of the deal but well worth a visit to get it all sorted and installed properly?

    Quite happy to stick a couple of pics up if you want?
  4. I had audioscape fit the stuff in my car, they know what there doing. They said that the two just wernt compatible. Im going down the road of getting a bluetooth hands free and then hooking that up to my alpine stuff..... Shame alpine dont do that mobile hub anymore! Think there bringing something else out?

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