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new 18inch tyres

205man Jul 20, 2007

  1. 205man

    205man Active Member

    ive got to have new tyres fitted on my car as i must have hit something sharp on one, and put and split in the edge of it,
    im running 225/40/18 at the moment should i stick with these or go up to 235/40/18?? what are people using

    also my friend is a manger of a tyre fitting company and has suggested i fit these


    they came top in powercars tyre test and he raves on about them and they will cost me £210 fitted a pair

    at the moment ive got continental contact 2 on and although they have been good i found them very soft and they have worn out much faster than the goodyear eagle f1 gs3 i had.

    is any one using these vredestein (i know they are new release) or wht do you suggest

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