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New 1800 hp 2WD dyno and 1000 hp AWD in Arizona!

imported_horshack Jul 23, 2004

  1. Keith Schuster (formally of Streetflight) is opening a new shop in Chandler called Arizona Dyno Chip.

    The new shop will have a Dynojet 240x capable of 1800 hp and 200 mph. For you four wheel drive guys, we have the 224 x attachment capable of 1000 hp and 200 mph.

    We will offer the same quality of service and price that Keith has always offered (dyno-tuning, custom fabrication, trouble shooting, etc.) with expanded services. The aim is to provide a relaxed atmosphere while providing excellent service at reasonable prices.

    We are looking to provide immediate Employment of up to three technicians with exceptional skills and attitude.

    If you would discuss who would be the ideal candidate in your respective car forums and send your nominations to info@arizonadynochip.com, we would be most appreciative.

    We plan to open August 1.

    If you would like to visit before then please click the mapquest link below.


    Send mail to:

    Arizona Dyno Chip

    511 N. 54th St .Suite #5

    Chandler, AZ 85226

    Telephone: 480 496 8800

    E-mail: info@arizonadynochip.com


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