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New 1.8T - Service help

toathus Apr 15, 2010

  1. toathus

    toathus New Member

    Hi guys

    Yesterday, after months of searching i bought myself a nice, clean ming blue A3 1.8t 51 plate.

    The car has a full LONG LIFE Audi service history up to 54,300 miles. The car has now done 70,100 and was last serviced by an VAG specialist at 68,500 miles.

    Basically i'm a little stuck on what to do...

    I do not know if the cam belt has been replaced as i didn't get the service book with the car.
    All i have is a print off from an Audi dealership which lists the services only by milage and date, no details of what work was carried out is present.

    I contacted Dockland Audi as this is where two last main dealer services were conducted at:
    23/01/06 - 50,211 miles
    26/11/07 - 54,337 miles

    Is there any way i can find out what work was done on these services?

    I have the car booked in for a cam belt replacement later this month as a precaution, but ideally i would like to know if it has already been done?

    Any help would be much appreciated :icon_thumright:
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2010
  2. graemep

    graemep Member

    The service history should be recorded on the Dialog system that dealers use.

    It flagged up on mine as being due when put my S3 in for an MOT a few years ago, because it had been done elsewhere and wasn't recorded.
  3. mk1chopper

    mk1chopper Missing the S3

    Audi will be able to tell you if its been done by an audi dealership as graemap has said. They can also supply you with a new service history book that can be sent off to the dealers that have serviced it and be restamped. Also see if you can get incontact with the specialist to see what they carried out.

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