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new 1.8t owner with a problem...

WillJP Aug 4, 2012

  1. WillJP

    WillJP Member

    Hi all,

    Bought my self a 2001 a3 1.8t AUM with a blown turbo for £500. It has all type extras from elec seats to a.c to bose system and thought I'd got my self a bargain! I am a mechanic so it's little project. I took the turbo off and got it rebuilt and made into a hybrid a the same time. Fitted the turbo and Filled up with new 5 30w oil. Took it out and it was going like the wind! Is was said to have been remapped to 212hp before apparently. Then on come 3 beeps and flashing oil can!... from what I know this is lack of oil pressure so limped it home but at the last set of lights it started to sound like a. Diesel or like a slack chain.

    I'm going for 1.8t sludge with pick up and oil pump

    Now all I can think of is the lack of oil pressure has stopped the tensioner on the chain inside and it's rattling. Getting it towed to my work later on and will investigate but want other peoples input please :)

  2. beachbuggy

    beachbuggy Well-Known Member

    Do you know why the old turbo failed? Maybe it failed because if oil starvation? And if that's the case then it's likely the oil pump has failed or there is sludge in the pickup! I'd say you've possibly damaged the cams tensioner or bearings! And hopefully not your new turbo.

    Sorry to ask but if you're a mechanic did you not check the cause of the original failure? Just fitting a new turbo without doing that is kinda asking for trouble. Hopefully though it's nothing serious..
  3. WillJP

    WillJP Member

    I know I know lol I should of went down that route but it all seemed fine! Checked everything over, dumped the old oil, new filter etc and was running sweet for a day and thought nothing of it really until it's now obv too late :( got all turbo-excited I think ha

    Going to get it now. My wallet best get ready for a raping
  4. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    if you're a mechanic, then worst case is £300 on a new engine and a day to swap it over, so it won't be a massive deal however you look at it :)

    I hope for your sake it's not a new engine needed, might be worth sticking in a new oil pump and pickup and seeing what happens....
  5. WillJP

    WillJP Member

    Yea i've been looking at engines just incase ha

    I'll take the sump off probably monday and go from there. I'm new to these 1.8t engines, it's normaly derv taxis that we deal with. Been speaking to someone that has a tt and knows more about them.

    So far I'm hoping it's just a new oil pick up and pump (pleeeeeeaase just be that haha)
  6. WillJP

    WillJP Member

    Ok, I dropped the sump last week and there wasn't any sludge to be found...

    But the pick up was blocked with this lovely collection of goodies


    a thorough clean, then checked the oil pressure and was all fine.

    back together and it's running sweet as :)
  7. s3mad_dude

    s3mad_dude Noggies ruuuule!

    ...phew, that was lucky ;-) Good work!

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