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neuspeed rse14 lightweight alloys!

ian 06 A3 2.0 tdi s line Oct 9, 2010

  1. hello guys just a quick question on opinion...

    currently on my car are the bbs co (or ch if you like without the motorsport in the centre) and the wheels are genuine from audi however when someone crashed into me last year i got 2 brand new wheels from audi as they were scuffed from where the driver hit me and the kerb where i was forced onto. so basically 2 brand new ones and 2 refurbished origional wheels. no marks whatsoever. here are the pics of my car with them on...

    basically im just looking for some new wheels for the car so they may be up for sale if anyone is interested. ive been looking at the neuspeed rse14 alloys which are now on sale at awesome gti however i dont know which colour to go for if i purchase them i would either get the gun metal colour or the matte black however i think i would have to go for the black optics grill to match.

    here are some pictures of the wheels


    and black...

    awesome told me that the lightweight wheel will also help with the handling of the car:wacko: so if anyone has any experience of fitting a lightweight wheel i would appreciate it if you could tell me if you felt any difference. also i dont think anyone has got these in the country yet?... so ive been told! so it would be nice to have a wheel nobody has! how do you think they would look on my car and what colour would you choose?

    cheers guys and thanks in advance

  2. v1raj

    v1raj Member

    How much do you want for your original wheels?
  3. pm me mate


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