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Needing some more advice on injection

PlebbyChris Sep 25, 2007

  1. PlebbyChris

    PlebbyChris Complete Pleb

    Hi again,

    After a bit of an overhaul on my 1998 2.8 V6 engine, I'm having a little trouble on start-up and I was wondering if anyone else has had the same thing before.

    Basically, it was all working fine, and the I did a few maintenance procedures to help the engine out a bit. I sent the injectors away to be professionally cleaned, cleaned out the throttle valve, replaced the ignition leads with Magnecor leads, replaced the fuel pressure regulator and replaced the crankshaft pulley, as well as a few other cosmetic things.

    Trouble is that now, whenever I start the car it has to turn over for about 3 seconds before it fires up. Initially, I found that one of the injectors wasn't sitting right in the fuel rail and I think was letting a small amount of air into the system. It seems that has now been fixed but the problem still remains. When the engine is actually running, it runs fine, but it just feels like all the fuel is running back to the tank when it is left parked up.

    Does anyone know the symptoms for when a fuel pump or injection control starts to die? I also suspected the leads due to built in suppression, but I spoke to a Magnecor tech and he reckons they've never experienced that trouble before.

    I'm stuck in a rut now, it really is becoming annoying. Think my next step is to trace the fuel line for air leaks I guess. If anyone has any help or advice then please pass it my way.


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