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Need to sell my S3 to fund a Diesel..

Rogue-24-84 Jan 23, 2012

  1. Rogue-24-84

    Rogue-24-84 Member

    ive just took a new job which is now requiring me to drive a 2 hour round trip back and forth, and running the s3 there is going to eat up most of my wages throughout the week... so unfortunately ive got to sell it and buy a tdi of some sort, pref still vag group tho :)

    just had new coil packs - plugs (ngk iridium) - maf - fuel pump and filter - lamba - thermostat this was all done due to an ongoing misfire problem that just wouldnt show up on vcds... so it was abit stabbing in the dark to source the problem, turned out to be a broken couple of wires in the loom to the coilpacks which has now had new ones soldered in, £10 fix and spending hundreds on it!!

    here's a link to my add on pistonheads, Audi : Audi S3 Quattro / AMD 267bhp

    im open to sensible offers over 3.5k, it owes me alot more than that and i think the condition of it makes it a good buy for this money..

    in the description it says i want 4k for it but thats to a joe bloggs, you asn guys and gals can have it abit less as i know your look after and respect it :)
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  2. ads1377

    ads1377 Member

    Is the car sold?
  3. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    Links down so I assume it is
  4. brasiliangringo

    brasiliangringo Member

    You should have LPG'd it with a BRC Kit, cost around £1200, then get 79p a litre gas.. MPG a tad less on gas and power not much in it if tuned properly..

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