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need some help please buying tips

jzr172 May 16, 2009

  1. jzr172

    jzr172 New Member

    i am after a a tdi sline avant but my have a saloon. i looked at one today they want 13k for it with 70k on the clock. He would not budge on the price. Any way the car seem to have a bad vibration on tick over and low revs. called him out and he was reving the car and the smoke coming out the back was un real. Its was light blue what the hell is this all about, i thought turbo problem straight away and walked away.

    So any adivice on what to look for would be great. I am p/x my zafira gsi ( LIKES TO DRINK FUEL) :ohmy:
  2. dorosth

    dorosth petrol head

    13k for a 70,000miles is not cheap, you can eaily get an 06-07 reg for just under 12k with less miles 30-50,000miles. even on audi.co.uk you will find one for this price and this will give you the peace of mind that you have the audi waranty so any problems in the first year at least they will sort
  3. rowdyboy

    rowdyboy Member

    Hi, you didnt say what year the one you looked at was but that does seem a lot. I picked up my 55 reg, 3.0 Tdi s-line avant up recently for under 11K, 1 owner, fash, in dolphin grey. I think i got a bargain. It had 79k on the clock but it drives like new, no smoke, no rough idle, interior and exterior are immaculate. I was searching for a few months so if you look around i'm sure the 'perfect' one will turn up.

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