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Need some advice guys !

Sunnyk May 19, 2013

  1. Sunnyk

    Sunnyk New Member

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and I'm currently in the market for an Audi A3. The issue I have is, I've found a car at a cracking deal however it is quite a distance away from me so I contacted the seller to ensure a couple of details and a few issues he raised was that the service light keeps coming back on every say three months or so. He assures me the car has a full audi service history and he bought it brand new from the dealer himself so no previous owners either. Surely the service light shouldn't be coming back on a few months after a service ?

    Also he mentioned he's only got one documented service which I'm assuming he's referring to number of stamps in the service book. In regards to service records in the past when my mums had her car serviced from our local dealer and she's forgotten the service book, they were able to pull up our vehicle records on their system and back date the stamps in the service book. However can this be done from any dealer or would they each have individual systems ? In other words would it have to be back dated at the dealership the service was carried out at ?

    Finally the seller only has 1 key but he says he's contacted the dealer and they told him for vehicles less than 5 years old they charge a standard rate of £70 for a replacement spare key. Is this true ? and have any of your guys had to order a replacement key?

    Thanks in advance guys look forward to hearing from you all !

    Sunny :)
  2. OVRA3

    OVRA3 Well-Known Member

    Sounds a bit dodgy to me I'd keep looking the keys are 200 ish from the dealer and have to come from Germany
  3. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    Too much doesn't add up here.

    If he's had it from new and it has full Audi Service History, why doesn't he go and get the book stamped before the sale? he'll get more bites and can ask for more money for it. And if the key is only £70ish, why not get it cut then add £100 to the sale price ...because they're nearer to £300 than £70.

    So if you can't believe him on the service history or the key cost, why would he all of a sudden become all righteous about the service light?

    It sounds like a money-pit and he's trying to get rid! I'd leave it well alone mate.

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