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Need some advice after minor accident damage to my A3 Sportback

chiefwiggumpi May 10, 2011

  1. chiefwiggumpi

    chiefwiggumpi Member

    Hi guys

    Not been around for a while but today i need some advice so all appreciated. As the title suggests gets a call from the wife today saying shes had a minor bump with a car at a sliproad of A1. Wife got to roundabout car in front moved then stopped she stopped no problem then she never looked again and thought the car in front had set off...it hadnt so thats the extent of the accident!

    So i get a call and heads down to deal with the insurance and swapping details. The other vehicle is a W reg Escort thats well past its sell by date anyway the bumper on escort is cracked no doubt about it maybe a 3inch or so crack. Thats the extent of the damage on that car.

    My car has the following damage which is why need your help;

    1. Slight scuffs on bumper above fog light surround in line with the ecsorts bumper.

    2. The grill has two cracks where im guessing it was pushed in slightly causing a couple of cracks minor but still there.

    3. The car has LED DRL/xenons fitted when i factory ordered. When i checked the damage at the scene the nearside DRL only was illuminated and the audible sound as if they keys are in and ignition is switched on. Im assuming that this "fault" was the car telling the ECU that its got a fault and that the bumper/car was involved in a collision which requires clearing via computer? When i got home ive checked all the lights including xenons and DRL's they all work as normal and the "fault" im referring to above ie one DRL lit on its own has cleared.

    I will take pics but to be honest it wont show the scuffs. My only concerns/advice required mainly relates to the circus that is the insurance company. Called them told wife at fault etc and waiting for a call from an accident management company tommorow. I asked will the be Audi approved she was like er dont know. So im like okay say they tell me to go to the local YTS chav "repair" garage down the road at which point ill refuse what happens then. She explained that if i refuse i blow my chances of a courtesy car....i can cope..then ill need to get quotes and submit to the insurers in the hope they approve.

    I want to go down to my local Audi get them to put it on computer check for faults...clear if applicable....and also check the lights.....has anyone else heard of why the one DRL would be on after the accident then clear?

    Im going to try and explain to a local Audi dealer the grill needs replacing as its cracked. How much will an Audi dealer charge do you think? Its an insurance job just curious. Also im going to ask the dealer if they will use a cosmetic repairer to look at bumper not take off but touch up.

    Am i being realistic and any advice on good Audi approved repairers in Doncaster appreciated. Wife is in the dog house so i need to cheer myself up as after all this just made it to the Docs only to be told i have a prostate infection.....whens the third bad luck going to follow???
  2. RallyX

    RallyX Flat Out VCDS Map User

    Def take to Audi. It is your choice where you take your car after an accident. They have a company called Accident Exchange that they deal with (think it is part of Audi actually) and they will give you a courtesy car if you need one.
  3. chiefwiggumpi

    chiefwiggumpi Member

    Quick update got an appointment with audi garage bodyshop after arguing the toss with the insurers still have to convince an assessor aswell....how much is a front grill? Is the grill one unit?

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