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Need peoples opinions

AdamKing Dec 2, 2013

  1. AdamKing

    AdamKing New Member

    Getting a few bits sprayed on my S3 because of stone chips. But i'm not sure whether to get the rear bumper insert, side strips(bottom of doors) and the bit that surrounds the front fog lights done at the same time. They're all a matte grey colour at the moment.
    Have a lot of people changed the colour? Does it look good? If so, what colour would look good on dark blue S3?

    I was thinking of a dark metallic grey or satin black but i'm not sure whether it would look good or not. Cheers
  2. CMcKenzie

    CMcKenzie It's supposed to do that..

    I've recently painted my front lower grille and splitter black, I'm planning on doing the blades and rear insert shortly. I think the grey looks a bit faded. Now my grille could do with being done again.


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