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need new rotors and brake pads

imported_ebang Aug 10, 2004

  1. imported_ebang

    imported_ebang Guest

    i need new rotors and brake pads for my 2002 Audi A4 1.8T 4-door sedan and have absolutely no clue as to what brands are good at what prices etc.? can anyone provide any information or website that is good for rotors and brake pads? most importantly, please provide input on the brand of brake parts that is good for replacing the manufactures ones.. thanks
  2. Honestly if you wanted to invest in a really good brake system, go with a Porsche 911 (993 or 996) system, they are fairly easy to install and should almost bolt right up to an Audi. If you did not want to go as far as that, brimbo makes a great system as well.

    Garret Curtis.
  3. imported_RastaS4

    imported_RastaS4 Guest

    Well let's just say that there are so many after market braking systems available. The porsche brakes are amazing and really powerfull. Brembo brakes too. You also have AP racing brakes (I use them and they are very effective; but I have a modified S4 and I need powerfull brakes). If you are interested in good brakes for the A4 1.8T, you also can use the stock S4 brakes from Audi since you won't get to high horsepower.


  4. K212

    K212 Member

    where can you get the porsche brake setup from?

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