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Need New Clutch & Dual Mass Flywheel ASAP

emzino Apr 2, 2008

  1. emzino

    emzino Active Member

    Hey all. Well this started about 2days ago when I would seem to lack alot of power on lift off in 1st & 2nd gear. Afterwards there would be a very audible crunching noise from the engine bay. Almost like there was a bunch of spanners flying around.

    Took it to my garage TuningWerkes this morning and after getting a call a minute ago, my suspicions were correct: my clutch & flywheel are done.

    Now he's estimating the whole job to be around £700 mark but I was wondering if anyone could source me the same but at a much more reasonable price please.

    I've looked on eBay and called a few places but no luck.

    My engine code is BKD on a 53 plate 8P chassis 2.0TDI 6speed Manual.

    If you could get back to me asap i'd appreciate it. Thank you

  2. julians

    julians Member

    Sorry, I cant assist, but it doesnt sound a bad price to supply and fit a new clutch and flywheel to be honest, dont think you'll end up saving too much.
  3. emzino

    emzino Active Member

    Well I found a company which could source one and it came to around £500 mark for just parts plus they weren't even sure if it was exactly what I needed.

    Think i'll just bite the bullet and go with my guys. I can rely on Reuben too, he's always done the job correctly. It's just a headache because other than this, the car mechanically is perfect (quoted from himself and his team).

    What can you do aye =)
  4. Neil C

    Neil C Active Member Team Brill Red Audi A3 S-line owners group TDi Manual


    Had a similar problem with the wife's Polo a few weeks ago, and found the LuK make clutch / DM Flywheels for most VW / Audi models. Apparently, they are what are used as genuine replacement parts by dealers also.

    This is a link to their online store, vehicle selector page


    If you find that your bits are available from them, you should be able to get them through GSF Carparts.

    Hope this helps.
  5. SteveTDCi

    SteveTDCi Active Member

  6. bredhurststeve

    bredhurststeve Active Member

    i paid £700 18 months ago on a 1.8t and it was a certain flywheel, there are a couple of types
  7. emzino

    emzino Active Member


    Thanks for the link to http://toc.luk-as.de it's quite useful in terms of parts info but can't seem to order off there.

    www.buypartsby.co.uk didn't have the parts I need but again a useful website.

    Many thanks for the links guys. After calling numerous breakers I think i'll just go with my guy. Although it's £700 big ones, I know he'll do the job properly.

    You know it seems that it's alot harder getting the parts you need than I thought! :scared2:

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