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Need HelpThrottle Problem audi 90 quattaro

audi-90qua Oct 25, 2007

  1. audi-90qua

    audi-90qua New Member

    hello last night i bought audi 90 1993 quattaro when i was bring the car from one and half hour driving fast the car was going good but there was check engine light showing before when i bought the car when i reach near where i live i speed the car then the car start cloging and it was like the fuel is empty but there was fuel.when i left the accleration padel and pushed the padel again the car got the speed and after 5 seconds the car start cloging again so like this all the way home i did pump the padal and went through home so please can any one tell me what it could be what is the problem with my car?is it a fuel filter?

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