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  1. Audibritz

    Audibritz Active Member

    Hi all need some advise on the old paintwork. I got loads of swirl marks and old bird dropping marks burned in there too. The cars black and all I have is a buffing machine not a DA or anything. Just wondering what's the best stuff to get that could do the job that will work with the buffer? im going halfords tomorrow after work so anything from there selection would be great.
    cheers Sam
  2. scotty76

    scotty76 Well-Known Member Team Phantom Audi S4

  3. percymon

    percymon Member

    To be honest the buffing machine isn't going to do an awful lot more than just rubbing by hand with a suitable applicator. Just be careful what you buy , some of the 'paintwork restorers' in Halfords are pretty aggressive and will take an awful lot of time and rubbing to break down fine enough to produce a decent effect. I've used the earier Meguiars paintwork cleaner Halfords | Meguiars Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner 473ml on old oxidized Saab paint with good success by hand application - the newer version is this..

    Halfords | Meguiars Ultimate Compound 450ml

    and should work reasonably well with your buffer (make sure you wash the buffer mop first if its not brand new)

    You could follow it up with the deep crystal step 2 polish

    Halfords | Meguiars Deep Crystal Car Polish Step 2 473ml

    or their ultimate polish to add gloss..

    Halfords | Meguiars Ultimate Polish 473ml

    and then top it off either with decent polymer or wax sealants - there are loads to choose from to suit budget from Meguiars Gold class liquid wax, or NXT wax to Autoglym HiDefinition wax

    the good news is that with a 3 for 2 offer on currently you should be able to get the three stages for £30 ish
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  4. Audibritz

    Audibritz Active Member

    cheers pal

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