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Need help: PDF document / What Torx to use when changing shocks/springs??

Dennis Moeller Apr 6, 2008

  1. Dennis Moeller

    Dennis Moeller Member

    Can someone give me a bit of info on which tool (inner Torx) to use when I unscrew the shock absorber / spring on the front suspension on my 8P

    The socket/holder (which is mounted on the shock) that holds the anti rollbar has a bolt (18mm) and then this Torx on the other side - what is it called, it has 12 "arms"?

    Also if anyone can provide me with the pdf file that shows the whole operation from A - Z

    I would really appreciate any help, because I'm rather stuck at the moment and the car is on 4 stands right now...

    Gewinde installed in the back though, only front job is uncomplete.

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