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Need help on brake pads

mazzy Dec 12, 2004

  1. mazzy

    mazzy Member

    i've replaced the front brake pads but i noticed the sensor on the passenger side wheel which triggers the DIS on screen is hanging near the caliper. Does any1 know where to put it or what i can do to fix.

  2. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Unsure of the exact set-up on the audi, but on a Clio brakes the low brake sensor was clipped to the brake in a little noggin to stop it falling but enough for it to get touching.

    Probably useless info to you but I thought you may never know.

    Otherwise call a dealer and just confirm the 'set-up' by talking it over the phone.
  3. Drill

    Drill Member

    Not sure about the passenger side, but I know the driver's side connects to the strut with a thin flat metal piece. It's hard to make out in the pic, but you can barely see it where the brake line and sensor cross.

    Hope it helps /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif


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