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Need Help Installing New Amp + Sub

Galbeano Oct 15, 2013

  1. Galbeano

    Galbeano New Member

    Hello, iv seen people custom building subs to replace the factory fitted ones, so this is what i have done. but iv hit a few problems along the way, iv disconnected my standard sub and now my rear speakers do not work. i think it has something to do with that red plug i disconnected from the standard sub, but wouldnt know how to bypass it, also where do i wire my new amplifier in? i powered up my amp earlier by comming off the 12v power supply from that red plug just to test it but not sure if thats where I'm ment to go from haha, sorry if im not making much sense, i havent done anything like this before and figured it couldnt be that hard >.< lol

    thanks for any help, its much appreciated.
  2. Gops

    Gops Badger 5 Edition VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi S3

    Sadly, the best person to answer that is no longer with us! I was actually trying to compile ALL of his answers from every single thread he wrote on in form of a Q&A but it's taking me some time.. And plus I'm away from home so I can't use my computer to carry on with it.. What I can say us use the search function or find "AndyMac" and search through his replies, you'll definitely find an answer!
  3. Gizmo20VT

    Gizmo20VT Active Member

    Welcome to ASN, There a a few threads regarding the rear amp and I beleive there is a Pinout aswell for the plug which would allow you to use remote and power however I would run a decent size cable from batter to amp. You can bridge out the rear speakers or remove the amp from the sub and reconnect it...

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