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Need Help and Advice on buying an A4!!

nthrawl Jun 20, 2009

  1. nthrawl

    nthrawl New Member

    Hi, I went to view a 2001 Audi A4 130 TDI SE Here is the link:


    I have a few questions I would like to askAudi A4 owners and not the person who is trying to sell me the Audi.

    1. The original Audi radio is in the car, is this replacable with an aftermarket radio system because it looks built into the dash.

    2. The buttons on the Climate Control unit are all worn, is this normal for Audi's?

    3. There is a current problem with the back doors. They will not open from the inside is from the outside, the fella selling the car said it just needs attached to the computer and it's an easy fix, he said around £70 would do it. Has anyone heard of this problem before? I might tell him to get it sorted before I buy it.

    Also there is a button inside that says ESP, I pressed it and nothing happened. What is it for?

    Please help!!
  2. Xmay4444

    Xmay4444 On Point!!

    Hi there,
    worn buttons mean that whoever owned it had long nails and was not careful or was just brutal with them, there are lots of cars out there with higher milage and no damage to these buttons.
    As for the ESP button, when you press it, an amber warning triangle with a circular arrow round it should light up in the instrument panel, this means that it is off.

    Stereo's can be changed for after market ones quite easily.
    Hope that helps a bit.
    Good luck
  3. nthrawl

    nthrawl New Member

  4. nthrawl

    nthrawl New Member

    Well the previous owner was a woman, so I guess that explains the wear.

    Do you think these buttons could be replaced? Or the unit replaced easily from a breaking car?

    Has anyone heard of the back door problem? Is it common in these cars? The doors just dont open from inside or outside???

    Oh and if you own this car give me your opinion on it

    Good car? Good value for money?
  5. Les 51

    Les 51 A pint of Diesel please!

    Have you checked that the child locks aren't on?
    It looks clean though
  6. Woorlord

    Woorlord shifting to Hyperspace... . VCDS Map User

    If you replace the A/C control unit from another car you will need to reprogramme it with the new cars VIN number so that it will function.
    It seems Audi thought such units would be like car stereos and stolen for reselling!! It's simple enough to recode but you must have access to VAG-COM software and a genuine cable - not cheap (£250), unless you know someone with one. Second Hand A/C units generally are £80+ on Ebay. I purchased a spanking as-new one from Denmark for around £150 - it looked absolutely new - had to recode it from LHD to RHD and learn the VIN number - works a treat.
  7. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    Mine had one of the lower spec head units (with noticably worn butons - CD & FM) and I got it replaced with the RNS-E (Audi OEM sat-nav & mp3 player)...which is double height, so the guy replacing it had to replace the aircon buttons too as they need to sit lower, so he reprogramed it all :) (thanks Gareth at HazzyDayz ;) )

    The problem with aftermarket units is they don't integrate well with the steering wheel control (if you have them / were planning on fitting them) or DIS (driver info between the dials).... the RNS-E does look a little dated compared to soem of those Pioneer units, but it does suit the car very well!

    ESP = traction control (Electron Stabilty Program, I think!)

    Only other comment would be on the price: that's <£100 off what I paid for my V6 2.5 TDI 180bhp Quattro Sport a few months ago, also '01, but higher mileage: 122k. Which aside from a couple of worn buttons looked pretty mint too! Additionally, it had factory xenons with washers, Audi OEM Bose upgrade (9 speakers, sub and amplifier) & full leather (plus the Sport extras - sports seats, lower, firmer suspension, etc).

    edit: ah - but mine was a private sale! (albeit off an Audi mechanic)
  8. nthrawl

    nthrawl New Member

    ^Sounds sweet

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