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Need help and advice - buying my first audi

skinny Jul 10, 2012

  1. skinny

    skinny New Member

    Hi guys, have been on this forum for about 2 weeks now. I've been looking at at 1999 audi a3 1.6, 3 door. I don't have much sense when it comes to buying a car, so I could with some help really.

    Ive found it on ebay, and heres the description;

    Its done 79k
    Part service history
    Cambelt was changed not long ago as far as I know
    Good overall bodywork, interior
    2 previous owners
    MOT - March, 2013
    TAX - October 2012

    Bidding starts at £850, and the "Buy it now" price is £1300.

    Ive been driving a year now. My renault clio 1.2 has put me in a money pit from day one. I just don't want to get ripped off again. I want something solid and more reliable. I was thinking about having the RAC come and check it over for me, but thats over £150 for just a simple check over!!!

    I asked if the water pump and oil has been changed recently, and he said oil has been topped up freqently, and no water is leaking from the water pump. Is there anything important I should ask? Is FSH really important?

    Haha sorry guys, I really don't have a clue when it comes to cars to be honest. Thanks for your time and I hope someone can help me out, Jack.
  2. Sevv

    Sevv Pushing the limits..

    well mate you got information in the stickies...

    however you need to just give it a quick check no oil leaks or coolant leaks... as the guy said he 'topped it frequently' check all the electronics work etc.. no erratic idling, check the suspension mounts, make sure the car isnt overheating after a drive, oil doesnt look milky ? which i would steer clear from it other bits and bobs im sure you can have a look over suspension, brake pad and disc thinkness etc... check the roof rails for rust also as it common.
  3. skinny

    skinny New Member

    Hi Sevv, thanks for your reply mate. I honestly dont think I'd be abe to give the car a good old look at myself, so maybe it might be worth forking out a bit of extra cash for one of the RAC mechanics to give it a check over. I think the price seems quite good, comparing it to over audi a3's Ive been looking at over the last month.

    Heres the link if anyone wants to check it out. Shame about the wheels, but it doesnt really matter, aslong as the cars good I guess!
    1999 AUDI A3 1.6 BLUE | eBay

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