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Need bass advice please...

_G_ Dec 31, 2013

  1. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    After Andy Mac (Sleep Well) passed I vowed not to return to the forum. Andy did a few of my cars for me. I've still got the cars but recently brought a BMW Coupe E92 335i as a treat after going through a lot of health **** this year which I didn't ask for... anyhow... I'm not familiar with the sound at all and this is my very first bimmer having been loyal to VAG since my first car...

    It has under seat subs but the bass is poor. Yes it sounds natural as it comes from the cabin and up over the sides but it lacks a certain finesse and luster... don't even get me started on the mid range... and well for a top end BMW this is pretty poor kit... being Logic 7... soooo I started researching and it led me to all places... replace the mids with focals, send more power to the under seats, audison bit ten D... then I thought... why not add a sub?

    If anyone else has owned or is familiar with the E92 coupe then any bass advice would be much appreciated... is it worth going the whole hog or can it all be fixed by adding a sub?

    Andy always said... in the Audi that the system was pretty decent and adding the sub enabled the rest of the speakers to do their job without giving them the extra responsibilty of bass... and he was right. Still got the Bass+ discs he made... will come in handy on the bass tests.


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