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Need advice on this, i'm baffled!!!! but that don't take much!!!

tenbels21 May 14, 2009

  1. tenbels21

    tenbels21 New Member

    Any guidance here would be much appreciated!!!

    Got an 04 2.0TDi DSG S line which now has 92k on the clock.
    Has always been serviced regularly and anything required has been done.

    Have recently had problems starting in a morning, but only randomly. Starts fine say 1 out of 3 morns, but other 2 morns turns over without even sounding like its trying to fire. Carry on cranking it and eventually it springs into life, but on a few occassions it has flattened the battery before it has started. Once it has started and warmed up it will then start again first turn. It is also rough on idle in neutral (whole car shakes) but again this is random, only happens 50% of time and stops when in drive.
    Had it to local audi expert (not stealers) who told me the injectors were slightly out of sync and would need replacing at a cost of £550.
    It drives fine except on the odd occassion in drive (not sport) it will refuse to pull and vibrates in high gears unless you kick down. On the odd occassion (twice in three months) it has gone into limp mode, but as soon as i stopped and restarted engine it was fine again.
    I have just taken it to a different local audi "expert", who has told me there are no fault codes in the system and that the injectors seem ok to him.

    Don't want to take it to Audi if I can help it, any ideas!!!!??????:3sadwalk:

    ps. Ive had the map taken off and its made no difference to the problem
  2. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    Part exchange it ASAP!

    Sorry thats not very helpful!
  3. tenbels21

    tenbels21 New Member

    Would do mate, but my g/friend has just passed her test 6 months ago and she drives it 95% of the time (she aint good). If she thinks i'm letting her loose in a newer A3 then she's badly mistaken. And I ain't buying her a girls car cos i need to use it from time to time. For the time being its staying!!!!!! broken or not!!!!!!
  4. devonmikeyboy

    devonmikeyboy As far from JBS as possible !

    The injectors can go slightly out of sync but replacing the injectors will not solve that problem as injectors are controlled by the electrics. If VagCom doesn`t show the injectors not firing when requested to do so then the injectors are OK. I know sometimes the wiring harness adaptor can sometime get faulty causing random lost or rogue signals getting to the injectors which might cause this sort of thing.

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