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Need advice on Springs

dann959 Aug 16, 2005

  1. dann959

    dann959 Member

    I have ordered the ronal 17" r38's. I'll be fitting them with my toyo fz4's. My mechanic suggested replacing shocks. I do agree they need to be done the car is 5 years old and has 77k on it. I've decided to go with a set of billsteins, but am left with a big ? about springs. My car currently is fixed with the factory sport suspension. Should i keep those springs to use withthe new billsteins? Is that a good move or are they too old?

    Also i might be interested in lowering the car, i looked into neuspeed springs and they say if you are going to use neuspeed or h&r springs that the sport springs will lower your car very little if at all. They say to have a noticable difference you need to purchase the race springs which are set lower? is this true? Can i get h&r sport springs or eibach pro springs and still have a noticable difference in ride hieght over factory sport?

    Also H&R race springs say (*Note: These spring sets require special camber adjusting components.) What the %^&* does this mean? Are they implying that you will need an alingment? Or that theres additional parts needed for install?

    Also any suggestions on intrax or sprint springs?

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