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Need advice on new Bushes

Defratos Feb 2, 2005

  1. Defratos

    Defratos You’re Dethpicable!!

    Hey guys, hope one of you could help me out, I've been getting a cranky noise from the front suspensions everytime I go over speed bumps or any small hole. It seems no matter how slow I try and take the bumps it still makes that annoyin sound. I had the same sound from my old 1.8 SE but I got that sorted and it turned out to be the bushes.
    The only confusion I have now is that I've looked at Forge motor sports website and they have a pretty selection on hand, only thing is which ones do I need? I feel like changing everything but I know I'm restricted to my budget so could someone tell me what they would recommend to change in order to get the car all solid again, any help is appreciated /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif
  2. paulbinks

    paulbinks Member

    Try the front anti roll bar bushes first they are about £30 all in and very easy to change only 1 bolt on the drivers side and 1 bolt end a pipe clamp nut on the passenger side.
  3. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Moderator

    We do powerflex bushes and give members a 5% discount!


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