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need advice on new A4 tdi cab 2009 probem in 30 miles

Navisace May 2, 2009

  1. Navisace

    Navisace Member

    hi all

    new to the forum so here goes

    last week i picked up my new 09 A4 2.0 tdi cab s line final edition

    the plan was to buy a 2007 0r 2008 car but when i was looking around they were selling for 23k ish. anyhow i was talking to a friend who works for audi and was told that audi were doing a final edition cab with options like sat nav sensors nappa leather xeons all thrown in but the best bit was the discount

    so the car was ordered and it had all the above plus AUTO box,heated seats bluetooth phone connection and an i pod connection the total price of car was 32k BUT with the discount the car came to 27k.

    all is good until i go to collect car last sat, collected the car and and drove 35 miles to see friends when someone mention that there is fluid dripping out of undertray.:wtf:

    called audi assist who come out and recover the car bach to the dealers who give me replacement car A5 3.0 tdi until mec can see to my car.

    they did offer to get me a new car but audi have stopped making the A4 cab now and i feel the A5 cab is too expensive plus i would like the 2.0 tdi which is not on the options list.

    the problem was that a pipe on the gearbox return had worked its way lose. now as a good will gesture the dealers are offering me 2 years free service.

    what should i do :search:

  2. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User

    Welcome along sorry to hear about your troubles. Are you still confident in the car? Do you want it back? and are you thinking of keeping it longer than the 3 year warranty? I think I would keep the car and ask for 3 years free servicing and some of that audi merchandise or something. I think the free servicing is a good gesture but they are giving this free on most used cars at the moment too, and if your car is on variable servicing it will only ammount to one service usually (I would change to fixed 10k intervals if you don't do huge miles). O and your car is a B7 A4 im pretty sure. If you do decide to keep it, get some pics up in there.
  3. Shez

    Shez Sheridan Audi Cabriolet Owner Group S-line owners group

    Hi Mate,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I got my 58 plate cab special edition in September last year, that comes with all the bits thrown in then I got carried away with the options list and the total came to around 32K but I beat 2 Audi dealers around the head with each others figures and walked away only parting with 29K.
    I had a number of issues with my car including stone chips and paint issues (read all about if you can be bothered in the dealer discussion under title 'Crawley Audi'), it has since been back to the dealers twice for rattles, window mis alignment, misted up fog lights etc.
    I sometimes wonder that you trade off a little quality and service when you get such a good deal and couple that with the fact that the A4 cabriolet is not built by Audi but by Karmann for Audi. However that never seems to stop me smiling. I keep saying that if anything else goes wrong then the car is going, but then I see it and get in and drive it and it just makes me smile and feel good, you've got to keep it.


    P.s. Although your car is on an 09 plate it is still a B7 model, post in that forum, more going on as more people have B7's

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