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Need advice on Alloys!

grazal Dec 31, 2003

  1. grazal

    grazal New Member

    Just bought an A3 1.9TDI (110BHP) On 99 V Plate.

    Has anyone got any experiance on the change in ride quality i.e. firmness, roll etc on the following sizes and tyre specs.

    I have three options over the standard 15"s

    17" RS4 Replicas with 215/45/17 Tyres

    18" RS4 Replicas with 225/40/18 Tyres

    19" RS4 Replicas with 235/35/ZR19 Tyres

    I have been assured even the 19"s will easily go on with no mods needed, does anyone know otherwise? Has anyone had any probs with clearance or rubbing when the car is weighted down?

  2. Wolfsburger

    Wolfsburger Member

    Stick with 17"s is my advice.

    19"s will ruin the ride and look far too Max Power. 18"s are OK I guess but 17"s on an A3 look about right.

    Many will tell you to go large but it`s your choice.
  3. wouldnt go to 19's, with only 110bhp you will be looking at 0-60 in about a year and a half /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh_roll.gif Id stick with 17's, 18's at a max. Ive got 18's on my A3 1.8 turbo and ride is good and firm as ive dropped it 50mm. As already said, its your choice but on a car with lower power if it was me id stick to 17's
  4. J6ORDS

    J6ORDS New Member

    Milton Keynes meet on Thursday the 8th of Jan at the Caldcotte Arms, Caldecoltte. All are welcome.
  5. thebe3

    thebe3 New Member

    Sorry, i dont know about 8.5, but 8 doesn't.

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