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Need a spray job

northernlights Nov 20, 2009

  1. northernlights

    northernlights A12 Road eater

    Any one know of a recomened body painters i need my front end painted but dont want a s*** job want a good job done. will travel if needs be!
  2. S3 CYP

    S3 CYP Active Member

    If your based in south london and dont mind travelling there is a guy in Chalford St Peters, Rickmansworth lane about an hour from bromley.

    The guy is called Tom and the shop is called lemas automotive. He did my bonnet, bumper, two wings and spayed side trims and bumper inserts satin black for 750 cash and the job was spot on. He does plastic welding, re-trims, dent removal, custom body work the lot and he's a genuine guy wont mess you about - and with a good sprayer he IS always busy - last time a spoke to him he had taken on further help to cope - but get him to do it if you can - he used to work for Masserati before going alone.

    Even my dad was impressed and he used to spray for Rolls Royce when he was younger, and before you ask why my dad didnt do it, he's lost his touch and we have no access to a garage, well one thats empty anyway.

    Let him know Costa with the red s3 put you on to him and he may do you a deal on the work you need done. His number can be found on the world wide web.


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