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Need a bit of advice on an Audi Cabriolet I've looked at.

dufster Jul 25, 2007

  1. dufster

    dufster New Member

    As title suggests, I've taken a look at an Audi Cabriolet and I'm after a bit of adviced.

    The car is a 2.0l M reg (power hood).
    It's in good condition with 1 year MOT and 1 year Road Tax.
    The bloke is adamant he won't take less than £4.5k.
    Even though I 'think' he is asking top whack for this year, it only has 68,000 on the clock.
    It has FASH up until '03 where it had only done 54,000 - and the seller says he has hardly used it since he's had it.
    Engine bay is clean, and he says he hasn't had it cleaned.


    Firstly, I'm after a bit of advice on if this is a good price when you consider the very low mileage?

    Also, when I took it for a test drive (this is the first of this type I have driven), for a 2.0L it felt pretty sluggish through the gears and not at all how I had hoped. Now, I know it is quite an old car, but there really was not a lot to be had in acceleration, is this normal? And how expensive would it be to get a little more power to it, or would it be better to go for a 2.3?

    Oh yeah, any known faults or things I should look out for when buying one of these?

    Cheers guys. :icon_thumright:
  2. scotty33

    scotty33 Member

    I have no idea about the value, but if you are 'underwhelmed' by the performance try a 2.3 or V6?
    I know the power hood hydraulic system can be troublesome and parts for it are expensive.
    Other than that, usual B4 stuff, suspension top mounts, wishbone bushes.
    handbrakes seizing up
    beware owners using (red) atf for the power steering, should be hyd mineral oil (green).
  3. kghowe

    kghowe noggin

    If it looks as good in the flesh then maybe 4.5k is OK. But down to you in the end. I've got a 2.6 which goes pretty good and is in A1 condition having only covered 50k since 97.

    Recently had roof problems which resulted in boot looms being replaced. £100 ish.

    1.8 and 2.0 are both not to be considered as sports cars and to be honest even the 2.6 and 2.8 are not exactly quick off the mark by todays standard at 8sec 0-60 but when we do get the occasional sunny day can't beat dropping the roof and windows for a real classic look!

    Good luck

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