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Need a bit of advice on an Audi Cabriolet I've looked at.

dufster Jul 24, 2007

  1. dufster

    dufster New Member

    As title suggests, I've taken a look at an Audi Cabriolet and I'm after a bit of adviced.

    The car is a 2.0l M reg (power hood).
    It's in good condition with 1 year MOT and 1 year Road Tax.
    The bloke is adamant he won't take less than £4.5k.
    Even though I 'think' he is asking top whack for this year, it only has 68,000 on the clock.
    It has FASH up until '03 where it had only done 54,000 - and the seller says he has hardly used it since he's had it.
    Engine bay is clean, and he says he hasn't had it cleaned.


    Firstly, I'm after a bit of advice on if this is a good price when you consider the very low mileage?

    Also, when I took it for a test drive (this is the first of this type I have driven), for a 2.0L it felt pretty sluggish through the gears and not at all how I had hoped. Now, I know it is quite an old car, but there really was not a lot to be had in acceleration, is this normal? And how expensive would it be to get a little more power to it, or would it be better to go for a 2.3?

    Oh yeah, any known faults or things I should look out for when buying one of these?

    Cheers guys. :icon_thumright:
  2. Mcgough

    Mcgough Member

    Wrong section mate...this is 2001- 2004 B6 chassis
  3. dufster

    dufster New Member


    If a moderator sees this, can it be moved please.

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