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Need 5x112 - 5x100 wheel adapters but will they fit?

stainpain Aug 1, 2011

  1. stainpain

    stainpain New Member

    I have a 2004 audi A3 and i have bought some Audi TT comp wheels and understand that i will need these adapters, my cars lowered on coilovers so will the wheels still fit in my arches as they apparantly have a wider offset?

    Also how much are these adapters and where do i get them from :)

    Cheers guys!
  2. Chappy

    Chappy Call me Dan! Audi A5

    From what I've seen, the adaptors can be quite expensive for decent ones. Last time I looked on ebay, around £120 for 2, obviously you'd need 4, but as you said, they will push the wheels out so you can have rubbing etc.
  3. Christer

    Christer Engage the beige!

    Are you sure they will fit? The old TT has already a low offset, and adaptors will decrease the offset even more...

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